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How to bet on sports and win at 1win 

Betting on sports is gambling, and no one can guarantee a win. However, there are a few tips that can help increase your chances of success:

  • Study statistics and analyse data about the teams/athletes you are going to bet on. The more you know about the teams/athletes, the better you will be able to predict their success.
  • Keep an eye on the news and changes in the line-up, injuries, absences of key players and other factors that could influence the outcome of the match.
  • Set and enforce your own betting limits. Do not bet more than you can afford to lose.
  • Study the types of bets and choose the ones that best suit your knowledge and experience. Do not bet on sports that you are unfamiliar with.
  • Take advantage of special offers and bonuses from 1win. These can help increase your bankroll and your chances of success.
  • Do not bet on emotion. Bet only on the basis of analysis and statistics.

Finally, remember that sports betting is gambling and you need to treat it responsibly and not bet more than you can afford to lose.

1win betting types

1Win offers many different types of bets on sporting events, including:

  • Ordinary bets are the most common bets in which you make a prediction on the outcome of a single event.
  • Express bets are bets on multiple events, where each event is a condition to win. All of the conditions must be met before a multi bet can be won.
  • System bets are bets on multiple events which are combined into a system to cover a number of possible outcomes. Systems can vary in complexity from simple to complex.
  • Live bets are bets which are placed during the match, in real time.
  • Special bets are non-standard bets which can be linked to various aspects of the event, such as number of corner kicks, number of yellow cards, fastest goal, etc.
  • Heads and totals are bets which allow you to increase your winnings if you correctly predict the number of goals/points in the match or if the team wins with a certain handicap.
  • Antiposte are bets which are placed for a long period of time before an event, such as the World Cup or the Olympics.

Overall, 1Win offers many different types of bets, allowing you to choose the ones that best suit you and your knowledge of sports.

Popular 1win betting strategies 

There are many different betting strategies you can use at 1Win. Some of the most popular include:

  • Betting on a favourite is a strategy where you bet on a team or player who is considered to be the favourite for an event. This could be a particular team that has the best chance of winning, or a player who is considered to be more experienced and successful.
  • Underdog betting is a strategy used to bet on teams or players who are not regarded as favourites. The aim here is to get higher odds and win more if the underdog does win.
  • Betting on totals is a strategy that is based on betting on the number of goals/points scored in a match. You can bet on more or fewer goals/points than a certain limit.
  • A progression strategy is a strategy in which you increase your bet after every losing bet. This reduces potential losses and increases winnings.
  • A fixed betting strategy is a strategy where you place the same bet on every event. This can be useful for beginners who want to control their costs.
  • A hedging strategy is a strategy where you bet on both teams in the same event to minimise your potential losses. This can be useful if you are not sure who will win, but want to make a small profit.

Overall, the choice of strategy depends on your goals, experience and knowledge of the sport. It is important to remember that betting on sports is a game of chance, and no strategy can guarantee victory.

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