A Quilting Journey

Baby quilt with knotted stitching

A knotted stitch baby blanket is a beautiful and warm accessory that is often made by hand. The knotted stitching adds texture and an interesting design to the blanket. If you are considering making such a quilt with your own hands, here are some basic steps:

  1. Choosing fabric: For a baby quilt, a soft and natural fabric such as cotton is best. You can choose two different colours or designs for the front and back sides of the blanket.
  2. Cutting: Cut out two squares or rectangles of the desired size from your chosen fabric.
  3. Assembly: Place the two pieces of fabric face inwards, then sew around the edges, leaving a small slit for turning. After turning them out, sew up the slit.
  4. Knot Stitch: Using threads in the same colour as the main fabric or contrasting threads, make small knots every few centimetres across the quilt. This not only adds a decorative element, but also helps to hold the top and bottom layers together.
  5. Final touches: You can add a border or other decorative elements if desired.

A knotted stitch blanket is perfect as a baby shower gift or for decorating a child’s room. It is not only functional, but also adds cosiness and personality to the interior.

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